Welcome to Life on Brand with Hien Lam and Matt Hansen, a podcast for change makers and rule breakers who want to succeed on their terms.

This episode is a welcome letter and explanation for why we started the podcast and the inspiration we hope listeners get from it. There are a ton of podcasts out there, but we’ll tell you why you should give your time to focus on living your life “on brand.”

Back in 2015, we started a personal philosophy blog called Chillpill when we realized that although all of the boxes on our checklist of success were checked off, we weren’t any happier or fulfilled for having checked them. We knew there was more to life so we started the Huck Finch branding agency to help great businesses create great brands. We believe it is our path to help businesses put a dent in the world and bring about positive change.

This podcast is an extension of our mission to help others live inspired and balanced lives and craft a life, on brand. We look forward to sharing the stories with you through candid conversations with inspiring entrepreneurs and business owners.
On the podcast, you will:

  • 3:35 Hear how even the bigwigs are just like everyone else.
  • 3:45 Learn that entrepreneurs often feel stuck.
  • 3:56 See that success comes in many shapes and sizes.
  • 3:59 Find out that money doesn’t matter if you end up off the mark.
  • 4:07 Understand that living life on brand means having a vision for success.
  • 4:20 Contemplate what you want to have said at your funeral.
  • 4:30 Try to figure out how you can live every day to match your vision.
  • 4:52 Hear all about the entrepreneurs we’re interviewing and how they try to live on brand.
  • 5:36 Get information on how to get your life or business question on air.
  • 6:50 See that the life you want isn’t going to happen by accident.

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Huck Finch Branding
Life On Brand Webpage

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