Life On with Brand Logan Nickleson

Welcome to the first episode of the Life On Brand podcast, where we bring you inspiring stories of change-makers and rule-breakers. Mixing business with passion and making a profit are the ideal rewards of a successful venture so we’re here exploring how you CAN achieve success on your own terms.

Today we feature Logan Nickleson, the founder of Music for Makers, a niche product that offers royalty-free music to creatives and entrepreneurs. The unique aspect of Logan’s business is that he composes every piece of music himself. Every single week, Logan finds the inspiration to write a new song to add to his library and offer to his customers without the hassle of royalties and copyrights.

Episode Highlights:

  • What made Logan decide that entrepreneurship was the route for him.
  • How his digital marketing day job exposed Logan to the entrepreneur mentality.
  • What other business ideas Logan came up with before Music for Makers.
  • How he knew that his idea had the potential to work.
  • Logan takes us through his music background and what led him to become a writer and musician – and what he regrets about his music choices.
  • Find out where all the Music for Makers magic happens.
  • How this endeavor has changed Logan’s perspective on music.
  • Some of the struggles of connecting passion with business.
  • What Logan believes about inspiration and where he looks for it.
  • The potential obstacles of starting something while working full time.
  • What distinguishes Music for Makers from others.
  • Logan’s future vision for Music for Makers.
  • How Logan defines success.
  • One thing that he found surprisingly difficult in starting this venture.
  • What he would have done differently.
  • What Logan found unexpectedly easy when getting the business up and running.
  • The one song or soundtrack captures Logan as a person.

Links and Resources:

Music for Makers
Logan’s LinkedIn
Logan’s Twitter
Lifeonbrand Instagram
Show website

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