While friends worked at Little Caesars, there was no free pizza for academic kids in the chemical engineering lab! 

Today’s guest is Rishi Narayan, founder and managing owner of Ann Arbor-based Underground Printing, a national, custom apparel and swag company with more than 35 locations. Even if Rishi’s only been an entrepreneur for a hot minute, he’s a Jack of all Trades, Master of None by being an angel investor, lecturer, mentor, board member, and co-owner of AFC semi-pro soccer team. It’s good to be a generalist.

Episode Highlights

  • 2:34 Rishi’s educational background—from chemical engineering to custom T-shirts.
  • 3:51 Engineering to Entrepreneurship: Once again, Rishi followed in father’s footsteps.
  • 5:50 Side Gig: What Rishi studied in college, didn’t always matter or define his career.
  • 8:05 Rashi learned about lean startups to grow business and pay for his own education.
  • 12:40 Embarrassed: Engineering not right thing for Rishi. Entrepreneurial path felt right. 
  • 16:18 Rishi’s motivation to become an angel investor was to help friends with startups.
  • 17:14 Core Philosophy: Rishi learns by putting money where his mouth is and support.
  • 20:00 Success Model: What equals success as an investor? Help others and find value. 
  • 22:12 Jack of all Trades, Master of None: Rishi puts positive spin on being a generalist.
  • 38:37 Soccer Club Backstory: Rishi’s involvement in merchandise and game.
  • 43:20 Ann Arbor: Who we are? A great place for friends and families.
  • 45:27 How does Rishi define success? Sustainability, not size.
  • 47:18 Rishi describes first time experiencing doubt of success and lack of confidence.
  • 50:24 Lasting Lessons from Failures: 
    • Never bet on the horse, always bet on the jockey. 
    • Passion and Execution—People are always the difference.
  • 52:32 Technology and Traction: Easiest and most difficult parts to starting a business.

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