Fake it until you make it when pursuing professions and exploring intrapreneurism. Do the hustle—from watering plants to managing millions of dollars. 

Today’s guest is Joe Malcoun, CEO of Nutshell, a sales automation customer relationship management (CRM) platform. Also, Joe is the co-founder of Cahoots coworking space, founder and president at CKM Capital Partners, and co-owner of the Blind Pig music venue. 

Episode Highlights

  • 2:50 Path to Success: Pre-entrepreneurial part and experiences of Joe’s early career.
  • 4:25 Entrepreneur vs. Intrapreneur: What’s the difference? Move the needle from within.
  • 8:20 Right the Wrongs: Fake it till you make it, when possible to deliver substance.
  • 12:16 Joe had the job that people wanted. But he wanted to be confident and in control.
  • 15:19 Who do you want to work with? Seeking partners to learn from and get deals.
  • 16:51 Firing Customers Concept: Abuse, harassment, and language not acceptable.
  • 21:18 Big Fish, Small Pond: Career suicide to move back to Ann Arbor, Michigan? 
  • 23:54 Motivation: Make an impact and hold yourself accountable in the community.
  • 30:33 Too busy? Joe can’t do it all, not enough resources, but willing to offer support.
  • 33:20 Just Say No: Focus and find discipline to filter responsibilities at front and center.
  • 35:55 Educational Mistakes: Get good at hiring good people to build a strong team.
  • 38:02 Win or Lose: Preach self-awareness to accomplish what you want to accomplish.
  • 40:58 Signs of Burnout: Feeling anxious, irritable, disengaged, and recurring dreams.
  • 44:15 Positive Reputation: Joe earns success earnestly from those in his community.
  • 45:50 Self-Doubt: You’ll make mistakes. How do you handle them? Own and fix them.
  • 49:21 Easiest and Hardest Parts: Celebrate small wins, focus, and hire great people. 
  • 51:45 Sleep, See Kids, Go to Work, Free Time: Non-negotiable parts of Joe’s day.
  • 53:03 Life’s Plans: Fortunate in many ways; surprised to be CEO of tech company.   

Links and Resources:

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Changing Your Company from the Inside Out: A Guide for Social Intrapreneurs by Christopher J. White and Gerald F. Davis

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