Believe it or not, it is possible to practice being purposeful by prioritizing people over profit. It just takes a community of positive people and business leaders to impact the bottom line.    

Today’s guest is Hamsa Daher, Executive Director of Small Giants. The community of businesses that believes doing good is good for business.  

Episode Highlights

  • 2:21 Overview: Small Giants started with a book based on great, not big businesses.
  • 3:47 Ways to identify truly purposeful leaders that connect with Small Giants philosophy.
  • 5:00 Hamsa’s Many Hats: Small but mighty team divides and conquers everything.
  • 7:00 Learning Languages: Left Mango’s practical conversations to expand capabilities.
  • 8:54 Passion for People: Company culture must have clear vision, purpose, and values. 
  • 11:30 Baghdad to United States: Inspirational and varying background and upbringing. 
  • 14:34 Small Giants Community Summit: Importance of being purposeful. 
  • 17:25 Work/Life Balance: Finding right purpose generates positive energy to never stop.  
  • 22:33 Change is Good: Reflect by journaling and other ways to live a purposeful career. 
  • 27:07 Purposeful Hiring: Companies articulate screening right people to be successful. 
  • 29:33 Bottom Line: How can higher purpose potentially be a measurable metric?  
  • 31:55 Purpose for People: Purpose-driven business may not resonate with everyone. 
  • 37:03 Definition of Success: Good energy, good people, and making an impact.
  • 37:16 Moments of Doubt: Public speaking and speaking about herself. 
  • 37:51 Failures: Take time to hire right team members to cultivate culture, align values. 
  • 40:06 Easy and Hard Parts: Connecting with and identifying leaders as Small Giants.   

Links and Resources:

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Small Giants Community Summit

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Small Giants Community Leadership Academy

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