Foodfillment: Positive relationship with food to serve a larger purpose—one centered around you, your family, your broader community, and the world.    

Today’s guests are Jenny Bouchier-Hayes and Lisa Kjellström, co-founders of the Reflection Institute. Its mission is to help people Pause On Purpose (POP) by focusing on one theme for a year followed by an annual retreat for fun and gain feedback.

Episode Highlights

  • 2:33 Savor Life Moments: Reflecting on reasons for the Reflection Institute.
  • 3:45 Mindful Mission: Pumped about involving POP every day, every aspect of life.
  • 7:17 Foodfillment Theme: Sensory experiences satisfy shared curiosity. 
  • 10:58 Motivation and Perseverance: Passion for demanding business transcends food.
  • 12:38 Entrepreneurial Sisters: Exploring different things to find balance and purpose.
  • 16:05 Stay Connected: Coach, consult, capacity for what counts—time and space.
  • 22:11 POP: Don’t be in a rush, but disciplined and intentional as entrepreneurs.  
  • 24:28 Inline/Insync: Life balance overlaps/overflows entrepreneurial sisters’ schedules.
  • 31:21 Event Advice: Reach out, make connections, rent space to be ready for retreat.
  • 33:11 Charitable Foodie Community: Opportunity to promote/support products/services. 
  • 41:48 Success: Fruitful days helping others; live in present moment rather than worry.
  • 45:12 Moments of Doubt: Right decision to explore other opportunities? 
  • 49:25 Failures: Be your true self; don’t miss human element of connection as a leader. 
  • 52:36 Easy and Hard Parts: Planning the big day vs. focusing on the big picture.   

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