How do entrepreneurs come up with a great business idea and find their first customers?    

Today’s guest is Phil O’Brien, founder and publisher of W42ST—a hyper-local lifestyle print magazine and media brand that connects readers to the New York City experience. 

Episode Highlights

  • 2:37 Back to Roots: Journalism first, entrepreneurialism second.
  • 4:05 Leaving Liverpool: Choosing connection and culture of scaling NYC startups.
  • 6:25 W42ST and Hell’s Kitchen: Why live there? Unique, different, and full of history.
  • 10:38 Melting Pot: Creative community composed of Stonewall, Broadway, and more.
  • 11:44 Photography Business: Communicating decision to exit and move on.
  • 17:27 Startup Entrepreneur: Strong will to give something a go on a hunch.
  • 20:50 Strategic Game Plan: Join the fight by finding a greenfield.
  • 21:40 People Like You: Real people, not celebrities on cover and content inside.
  • 22:44 Energy: Fun parts of being an entrepreneur and busy bee motivated by change.
  • 24:05 Print Platform: Sample the menu while delivering a dying breed in a digital world.
  • 28:41 Two Types of Customers: Reader and advertiser.
  • 32:12 First 100 Fans: Create content, invest money, and distribute to validate idea.
  • 33:30 Take-home and Open Rates: People get different things from different platforms.
  • 39:10 Lessons Learned: Highest growth and hub in community.
  • 44:03 Success: Have a smile on your face and surround yourself with people’s energy.
  • 44:28 Moments of Doubt: Fear and delusion of rejection. 
  • 45:25 Failures: Stupidity of navigating the river of cash. 
  • 47:31 Easy and Hard Parts: Reader’s delight to advertising sales.   

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