Some brands care about people, policies, and planning, including Patagonia, Allbirds, and Oshki.    

Today’s guest is Jackson Riegler, founder of Oshki—a social impact clothing brand based in Michigan. It protects the Great Lakes by making clothes entirely out of plastic. Jackson talks about why he dedicated his business to one of the great natural wonders of the world and how social impact businesses find balance in impact and cash flow. 

Episode Highlights

  • 2:22 Story Behind Name: Pays tribute to history, roots, and land around Great Lakes.
  • 4:33 Passion Project: Fortunate to live near and preserve Great Lakes against threats.
  • 7:45 Education and Resources: How to make clothes out of plastic from Great Lakes.
  • 12:35 Future Focus: Expand beach cleanups into other cities by incentivizing volunteers.
  • 14:10 Social Entrepreneurship: Learn power of business to do good and make impact.
  • 15:27 People vs. Profits: Interest in the fashion industry peaked because of pollutants.
  • 19:30 Conservation via Consumerism: Why it’s important to recycle, not waste plastic.
  • 22:42 Pay Attention: Ratio between fish to plastic in waterways worldwide will be 1 to 1.
  • 26:23 Water Points Model: Give back, raise awareness, outsource, and reuse.
  • 31:04 Professional Perspective: Build network, make connections, ask people for help.
  • 35:06 Time Management: Don’t get discouraged or lose sight of passion and project. 
  • 36:55 Daily Plastic Use: Advice on what to do and not do. Out of sight, out of mind. 
  • 39:45 Success Defined: Meeting the right people and inspiring others to make changes in their way of life.
  • 40:38 Moment(s) of Doubt: Getting a C+ in economics class. Learn from it to eliminate it.
  • 41:47 Failure(s): Learn about yourself to mitigate risks and failures in future. 
  • 42:49 Easy and Hard Parts: People’s willingness to help to planning all business pieces.   

Links and Resources:

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