Life On Brand with Patrick Hoban

They always say that the best problem to solve is a problem that you yourself are experiencing. Nobody personifies this better than today’s guest, Patrick Hoban. Patrick is the founder of Probility Physical Therapy, which has multiple locations in and around Ann Arbor, Michigan. Patrick is a truly inspiring individual whose story really shows that if you have a purpose in life you are going to achieve what you want and change lives along the way.

Patrick always knew he wanted to be in the healthcare field but it wasn’t until he was injured in high school that he found his true focus in physical therapy. Patrick talks to us today about his journey, his faith, and what drives him and keeps him focused. He is also going to give us insight into the experience of selling his business after putting many years of his life into the project. We talk to him about his criteria for that sale and how the experience changed him as a leader.



Episode Highlights:

  • 2:12 The origins of the name of the Probility Brand.
  • 3:26 The length of time and the process of the naming of the brand.
  • 6:26 Patrick’s belief regarding marketing your brand to the consumer.
  • 7:39 The reasons Patrick and his partners started the business and their ideas for standing out in their field.
  • 12:37 Keys to keeping the core values and vision of the brand intact over time.
  • 15:33 What made Patrick want to be a physical therapist and the professional journey that led him to start his own business.
  • 22:32 Patrick explains the why of his professional path.
  • 26:33  How he communicates and educates in a way that his students and patients retain what they are learning long term.
  • 29:20  What makes Probility unique.
  • 33:05  How Patrick identifies the best people to join the Probility family.  
  • 38:28  When and how Patrick identified the need to expand and open other clinics.
  • 40:55  The acquisition process and eventual sale of Probility to St. Joseph Medical of Maryland.
  • 45:39 How long the acquisition and full integration took.
  • 47:04 Ways Patrick dealt with the fears of staff transition and change in the acquisition process.
  • 49:26 What Patrick learned from the process. The one absolute that Partick recommends keeping in mind during the any transaction of this type.
  • 51:12 The importance of surrounding oneself with people who know what they’re doing.
  • 51:54 How Patrick defines success.
  • 54:53 Why he rarely experiences doubt.
  • 57:37 Things that Patrick found surprisingly easy or difficult in his business journey.
  • 1:00:47 The one song that defines Patrick as a person.
  • 1:02:52 One question Patrick wants to ask of other business owners and leaders.
  • 1:05:06  Patrick’s perfect work environment.

Links and Resources:

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