Life On Brand with Abraham Gusman

Today’s guest started his business in a barber shop. The unconventional start sets the tone for what Abraham Gusman and his co-founders wanted to achieve with their business, Wise Men’s Care, which produces all-natural eco-friendly men’s grooming products. The Wise Men caught our attention last year when they were featured in a GQ article highlighting their new grooming product line and unique packaging. Their purposeful and minimal packaging is a huge part of their brand’s message.

We wanted to bring Abraham on the show to talk about where the inspiration for their brand started and how they positioned themselves in the hyper-competitive market of grooming products. We also wanted to find out why he thinks the world needed their product and how the brand’s vision and purpose play into its trajectory.



Episode Highlights:

  • 1:56 Abraham reveals if he always thought he wanted to be an entrepreneur.
  • 3:23 How he was first exposed to the “do-ableness” of small business.
  • 4:26 The story behind the founding of Wise.
  • 5:45 When the partners realized they had a winning idea.
  • 6:52 The story behind the prototypes and packaging plan.
  • 9:46 Why packaging is so essential to a brand.
  • 10:50 What the Wise packaging should evoke in consumers.
  • 12:19 How the brand communicates their message to their clients.
  • 13:50 How they came up with pricing.
  • 15:49 We delve into the nuances of the barbershop experience.
  • 17:25 The mission Abraham has for Wise and if that has changed since the onset.
  • 21:57 How they came up with the name and the importance of wisdom.
  • 26:25 The clear path that led Abraham to where he ended up today.
  • 28:39 How Canada has been the ideal market to launch Wise.
  • 32:04 The company’s approach to the next product and how they decide what they’ll add to the range.
  • 34:14 The most essential keys to choosing partners in business.
  • 37:58 Understanding conflict and how to approach various issues that come up in partnerships.
  • 39:26 The branding strategy the company employed when launching.
  • 42:42 Why it’s essential to see every day as a learning experience.
  • 43:45 The gateway product Abraham recommends for new users.
  • 44:30 Abraham participates in our slow burn questioning sequence; revealing his views on success, doubt, what he would have done differently, things he found easy or difficult, and the one song that best describes him.
  • 54:52 The one question Abraham has for other business owners.
  • 55:48 The things that Wise does to make their employees lives better.

Links and Resources:

Wise Men’s Care Website



YouTube Channel


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