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When was the last time you were stressed out? For most of us, stress dominates our lives and it is important to learn to manage it. Our minds and our lives are constantly moving at 100 miles per hour and the evolution of our digital society isn’t helping. So what can we do to combat the stress? The answer is slowing down through mindfulness and meditation and we know no better person to guide us through this topic than our good friend Stacy Conlon, aka The Zen Girl.

Stacy is the director of Business Development at The Lean Startup Co. and she also has her own mindfulness business at We Stacy back in 2015 when she walked an entire conference hall in San Francisco through a guided meditation. Although mindfulness was starting to gain awareness at that time, we got the feeling that there were several people in that hall uncomfortable sitting there with their eyes closed for several minutes. In fact, we witnessed a few people exit the room to check emails. In the three years since, mindfulness has blown up and we wanted to talk to Stacy to understand why.  In addition, we talk to Stacy about how we can find a balance between life and work. If your home is your workspace and your living space how do you distinguish the two? Stacy comes prepared with tips and techniques for restoring that balance. And as a special bonus, Stacy is going to walk us through a quick guided meditation!



Episode Highlights:

  • 2:37 Stacy discusses her time visiting India and spending seventeen days in an Ashram.
  • 4:16 The one moment that stands out the most from her time in India.
  • 9:06 How a college elective put Stacy on a lifelong journey of yoga and mindfulness.
  • 13:35 What led Stacy to the Lean Startup Co. and her current role.
  • 19:48  Why she thinks the practice of mindfulness has become so popular in the last few years.
  • 22:45 What Stacy’s vision is for her work in the world.
  • 23:31 How the entrepreneurial bug reached her and led her to pursue business on her own over the years.
  • 27:49 Where her vision ties into bringing mindfulness into the workplace.
  • 32:06 Stacy and the hosts share advice for listeners who need to prioritize the work vs. life piece of their lives.
  • 39:57 Stacy responds to our slow burn questioning sequence; revealing her views on success, doubt, what she would have done differently, things she found easy or difficult, and the song that best describes her.
  • 50:44 Stacy answers the previous guest’s question – Is it weird for someone to never listen to music?
  • 51:24 The one question Stacy would ask other business owners.
  • 53:36 Stacy guides us through a brief meditation!

Links and Resources:

Stacy’s Website (check Stacy’s website for a Grocker coupon code!)

The Lean Startup Co.


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