How many of you like to get a shot or have your blood drawn? It’s pretty awful. Now imagine how terrible those experiences must be for a kid. Things don’t have to be that way and today’s guest is doing something about it. Christina York is the founder and CEO of SpellBoundAR, a Michigan based startup that uses augmented reality to distract kids children during medical treatment. Her vision is to use AR to overcome the negative aspects of treatment. 

The first thing that goes out the window when kids go into the hospital is play, and Christina and her team are changing that. Christina is also dispelling the myth that there is an expiration date on when someone can go out and create something worthwhile and passionate. Spellbound is a success story in the truest sense and has now spread to numerous hospitals and health care systems across the country. 

Episode Highlights

  • 2:33 Christina tells us about her background and what led her back to being a maker.
  • 5:21 Why it took time for her to be ready to branch out on her own.
  • 7:06 How to apply creativity to every aspect of a successful business.
  • 7:51 Applying creative principles in types of businesses that don’t lend themselves to that culture.
  • 10:10 Recognizing the power in the outside eye.
  • 10:53 Christina explains augmented reality and her product. 
  • 14:44 How Christina knew she had a winning product idea.
  • 17:55 How the health care idea grew out of the failure of her first product launch.
  • 21:21 The process of changing direction and starting over after the original product, MagicBook, failed.
  • 25:48 What steps Spellbound took to introduce patients to the product through successful use cases.
  • 27:37 How Christina’s own personal experience contributed to finding a product that was needed.
  • 31:06 The difference between VR and AR. 
  • 36:41 Christine touches on hospital sterilization protocols.
  • 38:48 Narrowing in on the most common procedure anyone can experience and how that became the product’s number one target for success.
  • 43:38 The secondary value changing the perception of the hospital experience.
  • 46:37 Christina’s vision for Spellbound.
  • 49:01 Christina responds to our slow burn questioning sequence; revealing her views on success, doubt, what she would have done differently, things she found easy or difficult, and the song that best describes her.
  • 59:58 Christina answers the previous guest’s question – What keeps you up at night?
  • 1:02:00 The one question Christina would ask other business owners.


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