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Life on Brand is about how life and business work together (and don’t). It is a community for those of us that want to do more than work for the weekend. It is a podcast for the change makers and rule breakers who want to succeed on their terms. 

We’re as excited as the next person to listen to people tell us to keep hustling 900 times a week, but we seek to dive a bit deeper. What happens during the hustle we’re interested in. Why are you hustling? What lessons did you learn? Why are you working so hard? What is success to you?

We operate on 10 guest episode seasons with special guest entrepreneurs and bonus episodes in-between where we discuss topics our audience is most interested in. These range from favorite business tools and branding tips to fun-filled rants about entrepreneurial life.


We’re Hien Lam (bozo on left) and Matt Hansen (bozo on right). Just two dudes who own a Brand Strategy Agency called Huck Finch in lovely Ann Arbor, MI. We love talking to incredible people about their versions of success. We love entrepreneurs and creatives and learning how they think, so….podcast obviously.

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Download / Subscribe: The show can be listened to directly from the website, as well as subscribed and listened to on most podcast platforms, such as iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher and Google Play.

Schedule: Life on Brand Season 1 is available in full now! Following seasons will be released every 2 weeks on Tuesdays.

Social Media:
Twitter: @wearehuckfinch


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People Saying Stuff about Life on Brand

“Hien and Matt asked a lot of great open-ended questions that led to some fun, compelling discussions. Life on Brand is a breath of fresh air in the increasing crowded podcast space.”

Abraham Gusman

President, Wise Men's Care

“Hien and Matt had great questions and it was like hanging out with new friends. Super chill and fun to do the interview.”

Jane Larson

Co-founder, Sfumato & Castalia Cocktails

“Time is our most valuable gift, and I’m grateful for moments to share part of my journey and have others invest time to listen and learn something from the conversation.

Life on Brand is allows you to hear thoughts and perspectives from people who think similarly or radically different from you!”

Keith Tatum

Founder, The Typehunter Co. & Visibility Experiments

Interested in Being a Guest or have a suggestion?

If you’d like to lend your voice to the Life on Brand Podcast, let us know why below. We’d also love to hear who YOU would like to hear from. We will do our best to get them as soon as we can!


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